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Nais kong madala ang mga kabataang nasa paggawa sa loob ng paaralan. Nais kong maintindihan nila ang kahulugan ng edukasyon sa buhay ng tao. Kaya naman kahit saan ako pumunta o kahit sino ang aking makausap, natural na lumalabas sa aking bibig ang pagtataguyod na magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan ang mga kabataan. (I want to bring child laborers back to school. I want them to understand the value of education in life. This is why wherever I go or whoever I meet, promoting children’s welfare comes out naturally.)


Photo Credit: Jhun Carual

Nagpapatawag din ako ng pulong sa aking mga guro sa paaralan upang makabuo sila ng plano na ma-integrate ang Child Labor Education sa mga asignaturang (lessons) kanilang tinuturo. Itinuturo na rin ng mga guro ang Personal Safety Lesson (PSL) sa paaralan upang mapaunlad ang kakayanan ng mga magaaral at maprotektahan sila laban sa pang-aabusong sekswal. Simula Grade 1 hanggang Grade 6, gumagamit ang mga guro ng manuals at teaching devices ng PSL upang maging epektibo ang pagkakaroon ng protective behavior sa mga kabataan. Sa loob ng dalawang linggo ito itinuturo ng mga guro. (I also gather my teachers to come up with plans on how to integrate Child Labor Education in their lessons. For two weeks, teachers from Grades 1 to 6 have started teaching Personal Safety Lesson (PSL) using different manuals and teaching devices to develop children’s capacities to protect themselves from sexual abuse.)

Different structures have been organized in the Municipal level for Child Labor Education, such as Barangay Children’s Association (BCA), Community Watch Group (CWG), and Capalonga Child Labor Education Task Force (C-CLETF), where I had served as facilitator. The success of having an organized and functional community structures for child labor education created a sense of fulfillment in my heart. I have realized that it is not impossible to seek the help of different stakeholders for the welfare of the children, they also want and are willing to help when properly recognized and coordinated.

The organization of Functional Capalonga Child Labor Education Task Force can be considered as one of the success stories of my journey as an ABK partner. First, different stakeholders were requested to come for an orientation; afterwards they signified intention and willingness to join by signing the commitment. Now, C-CLETF has more or less 40 members working together for CL Education, and I was elected as the Chairman. Activities have been planned after the oath-taking ceremony. C-CLETF constitution and by-laws were drafted and ratified by the members with the aim of registering the organization to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and accreditation at the municipal level.

Erlyn B. Esturas
School Principal/ ABK2 Teacher Advocate
Capalonga, Camarines Norte
Municipal-level ACLAT (Anti-Child Labor Award for Teachers) Awardee

Erlyn’s story is part of CRAYONS IN THE FIELD: Stories of Emerging Good Practices of ABK2 Initiative

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