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Busque - Feeds Retailing

CoMSCA parent savers from ABK3 partner communities are now realizing that saving is not only about about setting aside money for anticipated or emergency needs. In North Cotabato, CoMSCA groups used their savings as capital for group-managed enterprises such as rice and agri-vet supplies retailing and sari-sari stores (small groceries) in their neighborhood.

As of February 2014, ABK3 has more than 500 CoMSCA groups with 10,000 members and savings of at least 4.2 million pesos. CoMSCA Level-Up Forums are being conducted to introduce savers to small scale business opportunities as a way to earn more income aside from working in sugarcane farms.

To further help these budding entrepreneurs in handling their businesses, they also undergo trainings on simplified accounting, bookkeeping and inventory. These, among other viable livelihoods options that ABK3 is introducing, are designed to help parents earn and sustain their incomes especially during tiempo muerto so that they can continue to provide for their children’s needs and not have to resort to child labor.

Busque - Sari Sari Store

By Dorothy Mae Albiento, Advocacy and Communications Specialist

Photos by Isagani Busque, PEO – North Cotabato

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