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Project Title

ABK3 LEAP Livelihoods, Education, Advocacy and Protection to Reduce Child Labor in Sugarcane Areas

Project Duration

2011 – 2015 (4 years)

Project Objectives

ABK3 LEAP aims to reduce child labor in sugarcane areas by implementing a multi-sectoral approach.

Specifically, the objectives of the project are:

  1. Provide direct education, livelihoods, social protection, youth employment assistance and linkages to support services.
  2. Strengthen policies and capacity to address child labor, education, sustainable livelihoods and social protection.
  3. Raise awareness to reduce child labor and its root causes, emphasize the importance of education, social protection and decent work for children/ youth of legal working age.
  4. Support research, evaluation, collection and dissemination of reliable data on child labor, its root causes and/or effective strategies.
  5. Promote long-term sustainability of efforts to combat child labor and improve livelihoods.

Integrated Strategy

ABK3 LEAP Integrated Strategy Diagram


52,000 children ages 5-17 years old and 25,000 households

Project Areas

ABK3 LEAP operates in 11 provinces selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Sugarcane production;
  2. Poverty incidence among population;
  3. Net enrolment rate
  4. Elementary survival rate (retention and dropouts);
  5. Classroom size – pupil size ratio; and
  6. Rural population.

ABK3 Map of Project Coverage


Project Management Team

Project Director: Daphne Culanag

Operations Manager: Jason Befus

Education Specialist: Nick Arcilla

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist: Christopher Leones

Monitoring and Evaluation Associate: Loreto Mina, Jr.

Livelihoods Specialist: Carmela Jessica Corado

Advocacy and Communications Specialist: Dorothy Mae Albiento

Technical Associate: Jerlou Lagaday