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21 ABK3 LEAP partner barangays in Negros Occidental are now Child Labor-Free. Regional Director Ponciano Ligutom awarded the certificates to the Punong Barangays at the DOLE Region 6 Negros Occidental Field Office in Bacolod City last March 31, 2016. To date, 41% or 61 of the 148 covered barangays are now certified as Child Labor Free through ABK3 LEAP’s partnership with DOLE and BLGUs.


DOLE Region 6 officers and barangay representatives with their CLFB Certificates

DOLE’s Child Labor-Free Barangay (CLFB) campaign seeks to contribute to the Philippine Program Against Child Labor’s (PPACL) vision of a “Child Labor-Free Philippines” through influencing positive change and gaining the commitment and support of various stakeholders towards ensuring that barangays are free from child labor.

To be certified as a CLFB, barangays enrolled under the campaign must have a regularly updated profile or database of children, policies and programs with budget allocation to support identified child laborers, a functional Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC), the commitment of teachers and parents to monitor school attendance and engagement of children in child labor, and partnership with government agencies and civil society organizations. The CLFB certification is valid for 3 years, upon which it is subject for revalidation.

ABK3 LEAP’s close partnership with the BLGUs in our covered areas led to the passage of ordinances and resolutions that protect children from engaging in hazardous child labor and the allocation of budget for programs that cater to children’s welfare. The project also advocated for the reactivation and/ or strengthening of the BCPCs and facilitated trainings and workshops on child rights, child labor, and referral systems for children’s concerns, and in the development of the BCPC’s annual work and financial plans for children.

Barangays declared as Child Labor Free receive a certificate of recognition and are given priority access to DOLE’s programs and services such as the DILEEP (DOLE Integrated Livelihood and Emergency Program).

By Dorothy Mae Albiento, Advocacy and Communications Specialist

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